At AFE, we’re big on customer service and we’re always glad to answer your questions, but before you flood our inbox, please take just a moment to review the following frequently asked questions.  If you still don’t find your answer?  Contact us and we’ll figure it out.


Think of our auto emblems as a sophisticated and classy bumper sticker or decal. It is made out of ABS plastic and has double sided auto grade tape on the back so that it can adhere to your car. They come in a great looking chrome color to match virtually any auto exterior.


Our emblems are outfitted with a double sided auto grade tape. It will fully adhere to your car after 24 hours of application.


Not a chance. Our auto grade tape does the job in keeping your emblem fully adhered to your car. Not only will it not fall off, it will not move or shift during travel. Take a trip down the most daunting of off-road trails and give our emblem a test drive in the bumpiest of conditions at which point, hop out and take at look at how much your emblem didn’t move.

Also, go ahead and give this a shot. Bolt your car to the earth (somehow) and allow a category five hurricane to roll through town over your auto for maybe an hour. Once the flooding subsides, go ahead and check out the placement of your emblems. Yeah, we know, they’re still there. You see, there are few certainties in life, and one of them is our emblems ability to stay where you put it. Death, taxes, and Armed Forces Emblems. I think I like the sound of that.


No. Absolutely not. If for whatever reason you want to take the emblem off your vehicle, simply, but carefully, pry the emblem away from the car. In most cases, the emblem will separate from the double sided tape which will still be attached to your vehicle. At this time, just peel the tape off of your vehicle. If you intend to put the emblem elsewhere, try your best to keep the tape intact and in good shape so you can reuse it for your next application.

If, after taking the emblem off, the tape is not salvageable, no worries, just contact us and we will send you more tape, free of charge.   Thats right, free of charge.


Simply put, liability reasons. Our emblem will not damage your car. Put it on and take it off as many times as you want and it still will not damage your car in any way, but if someone tries to pry it off with a screwdriver or other large metal prying device and puts a huge gash in the paint, we cannot be held responsible.

Besides, removal of our emblems does not require any prying device except for your fingers, so pry bars, screwdrivers, and bowie knives should never even be a consideration.


There is a one word answer to this question and that word is “costs.”  Both for the customer and AFE.

We could have easily decided to create metal emblems but naturally, the production costs would have more than tripled. As a result, that means significantly higher costs for you. In regards to our product, plastic just makes more sense. Our emblems do not function in any way or have moving components.

Our product doesn’t chop celery, drive nails into wood, or provide structural support for suspension bridges. If it did, metal would be the logical choice. Instead, it is simply an emblem that sticks to your car, looks fantastic, and attracts the attention of every living being who is in eyeshot of your automobile, motorcycle, or boat. From three feet away, you cant tell if it’s made out of plastic, metal, aluminum, or wood. Ok, maybe wood.  Our point is, we feel that at the low price of $10, you just might feel inclined to purchase one or two of our impressively sophisticated emblems for each of the automobiles in your household. But metal emblems would cost you upwards of $20 each.

It’s a little less conceivable dropping 40 to 60 dollars or more to accessorize all the vehicles you own. For everyone involved, plastic just makes sense.


Thats a fair question. You see, when we were deciding on the design for the EGA, we wanted to make every effort to capture the true essence of the Corps. We went with a chrome silhouette type of design because we felt it was simple in nature, yet powerfully bold and icon like.

Also, due to the well designed shape of the EGA emblem, it proves to be immediately recognizable regardless of its lack of detail, so we do not feel that the absence of feathers, continents, and rope coils makes our product any less appealing amongst Marines, but rather makes it unique and sought after. Lastly, due to the very nature of the product itself and the location in which it resides, all the intricate detail in the world (which you would pay more for anyway) is lost on the majority of those who see your emblem anyway. You see, your emblems on the back of your auto are seen by many as you drive around town from, on average, a distance of 10 to 15 feet away. From that distance, even a detailed emblem begins look like a non-detailed emblem, as all of the intricate detail is unrecognizable. But from 10 to 20 or even 30 feet away, our chrome silhouette emblem is still very easy to decipher, so that no matter how far away, your pride and loyalty to the United States Marine Corps is never in doubt. Semper Fi Marine.


Thanks for asking such an incredibly smart question. Yes and no. There is nothing wrong with washing your emblems with a soapy sponge and water. This will remove any dirt and dust and bring back its natural shine. That being said, it is fair to point out that if you frequently wash your car in automated car washes (once a week or more), you may begin to notice some problems after a while with your emblems. We have discovered recently, thanks to a concerned customer of ours, that the often times aggressive and harsh soaps, waxes, and degreasers used in automated car washes contain chemicals that can, over time, break down the chrome application. It will appear as if the chrome surface is fading away. We recommend using the automated car washes sparingly if you have our emblems on your auto, and washing by hand if possible. Just make an effort to limit the amount of time the soap is actually on the emblems, thus preserving your pride invoking emblems for years and years to come.